Free healthy living courses
for families in Brent.

To take part in this service, you need to be a Brent resident and:

  • Have a child or children between the ages of 5 and 18.

  • Your child is above their ideal weight based on the NHS BMI centile chart.  

Our support includes:

Family programmes

  • Beezee Families is our most popular programme, ideal for 5 –18 year-olds and families, to help create healthier habits.

  • 12 weeks of family-focused sessions, with practical advice and lots of fun activities.

  • Expert tips on nutritious snacks, quick and easy meals to cook together, and getting active as a family.

  • In person and online support.

Teen programmes

  • Beezee Teens is ideal for 15-18 years-olds, this programme was created with support from young people.

  • Includes health and wellbeing topics – chosen by young people.

  • Personalised action plans to help achieve health goals.

  • Opportunities to attend local events.

Community healthy lifestyle workshops

  • 4–8-week workshops.

  • Learn about the best ways to talk about healthy lifestyles across diverse communities.

  • Tailored to the local community.

  • A safe space to meet like-minded people and share ideas.

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